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D-SmartView® Trust Terminals

Modern design for  a new user experience!

In modern rail vehicles, the driver's cab terminal is not just an operating instrument in the focus of the driver, but also a visual component in the overall appearance of the vehicle. The D-SmartView Trust Terminal underlines the modernity of the vehicle with a very flat design, narrow, rounded display bezels and a brilliant, optically bonded surface.

The D-SmartView Trust Terminal is no longer  embedded in the surface of the driver's desk, as it is designed to be mounted on a Vesa monitor system.

Depending on the seating position and size of the driver, the position of the terminal can be adjusted variably.

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  • compact field unit
  • CC-B support 
  • dual port 
  • PNIO version: V2.43
  • status LED for „DCP signal“

PROFIsafe for D-SmartView Trust Terminals 

  • PROFIsafe version: V2.4 and V2.6  
  • adress type 2  
  • without iPar-server support