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Safety & Trust

ETCS Baseline 3
ETCS Baseline 3

IconTrust technology might be used everywhere safety relevant data is represented on TFT based HMIs.

These HMI are the key interface to the operator. In many cases they provide an ergonomic and dedicated view into the machine´s current status, the operation condition and all different kind of safety related process data.

Areas of Application

Previous approaches try to tackle the issue by getting into each of these error sources and by proper qualification or extensive test mechanism avoid or detect the errors. This approach would then imply all part of the design like the CPU, RAM, interfaces and all other hardware elements as well as BIOS, operating system, driver software, application software including all kinds of libraries and other software elements in use. But it would need to go even beyond that by targeting potential flaws in the tools being used for creating the target system. This is a very cost and time intensive approach which even would have to be repeated (at least in part) if the design is changed at a later stage. So life cycle cost of this path would be enormous in particular since for the PC (or similar) parts used in a typical HMI designs are not known for long life time.

Everywhere you depend on the accuracy of displayed data, IconTrust® is the safe solution. IconTrust® means more safety and trust in the areas of:

  • Plant engineering
  • Chemical industry
  • Energy sector
  • Vehicle manufacturing
  • Aviation
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Shipbuilding
  • Trainbuilding
  • Special purpose vehicles

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