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Safety & trust

ETCS Baseline 3
ETCS Baseline 3

IconTrust technology might be used everywhere safety-relevant data is represented on TFT based HMIs.

These HMIs are the key interface to the operator. In many cases, they provide an ergonomic and dedicated view into the machine´s current status, the operation condition and all different kind of safety-related process data.

Areas of Application

With IconTrust, a patented technology is available that monitors and reveals any possible data errors on TFT panels through a circuitry independent of the PC.

IconTrust differentiates between safety-related input areas on the TFT.  The information, displayed separately in several areas on the TFT, is monitored independently and exclusively.

The cost-effective IconTrust technology is universally suitable for all applications with safety-relevant information display, such as in the cockpits of modern trains, in control rooms or manned surveillance systems.

IconTrust can be installed in a panel PC, TFT monitor and projector, or can be easily integrated into existing HMIs as an add-on.

Everywhere you depend on the correctness of displayed data, IconTrust is the safe solution. IconTrust means more safety and trust in the areas of:

  • plant engineering
  • chemical industry
  • energy sector
  • vehicle manufacturing
  • aviation
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • mechanical engineering
  • medical technology
  • shipbuilding
  • trainbuilding
  • special purpose vehicles

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