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Your TFT monitor visualises
safety relevant measured data.
With IconTrust® defined areas
are safely monitored!
The observer is immediately made
aware of abnormalities.
With IconTrust® you receive exclusively monitored data
wich you can trust.

IconTrust® - You can trust!  

SIL 3 Certified Driver Machine Interfaces.

IconTrust is the truly safe basis for all TFT displays which need to comply with a specific Safety Integrity Level (SIL).

DEUTA is a pioneer in the verified determination and display of speed values on Driver Machine Interfaces.

DEUTA as sole provider offers the combination of highly available, redundant displays, safe SIL 3 displays and SIL 2 input.

DEUTA / September 2022


We have many innovations in store for you, not only intended for onboard deployment, but also for making your trackside working environment safer and more convenient.



D-SmartView® Trust

The D-SmartView Trust Terminal is no longer embedded in the surface of the driver's desk, as it is designed to be mounted on a Vesa monitor system.


D-ViewTrust® Terminals - Standard Monitors with IconTrust®

In control centres, monitoring areas or operator stations - whereever information must be shown safely, the D-ViewTrust monitor finds its place. With display sizes from 17” up to 24” and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) D-ViewTrust monitors offer enough place to display the safety related information.

200 Vehicles for NEWAG

DEUTA HMI Safety-Package with IconTrust® successfully assessed

The patented IconTrust-technology enters a new round: our product IconTrust with SelectTrust-function which already made more than 10,000 displays safe, has been re-engineered and bundled in the „DEUTA HMI Safety Package“ enabling us to respond even more flexibly and quickly to new requirements of our customers.

200 Vehicles for NEWAG

Siemens Mobility equips NEWAG vehicles with ETCS Level 2 and DEUTA IconTrust® terminals

Numerous ETCS projects have enabled Siemens Mobility and DEUTA to work well together. As a result, the three vehicle approvals for the Dragon and Griffin locomotives and the Impuls II multiple unit 3-part were obtained in record time.

Digital S-Bahn Hamburg project

Siemens Mobility counts on IconTrust® 

From autumn 2021, the first four suburban trains will run highly-automated operations on the 23-kilometre-long section between the Berliner Tor and Bergedorf stations. When equipping the rail vehicles with ETCS, Siemens Mobility relies on vehicle components from DEUTA-WERKE that meet Safety Integrity Level requirements.

New Office Building

DEUTA is expanding

DEUTA starts with a new office building for our research and development centre


SelectTrust® receives the German Innovation Award 2019

The German Design Council, established by the Deutsche Bundestag, with its interdisciplinary jury of experts from industry, science, institutions and finance, awarded the DEUTA SelectTrust safety technology in two German Innovation Award categories:

+ Excellence in Business to Business - Electronic Technologies Winner
+ Design Thinking


IconTrust® wins Industry Award 2018

IconTrust has convinced the top-level jury and is the best of the Industry Award INDUSTRIEPREIS 2018 in the category "Suppliers".

DEUTA / December 2017

4 x IconTrust® on each ICE

For their rides on the VDE8 track, the high-speed trains ICE 1 and ICE 3 of Deutsche Bahn AG were equipped, amongst others, with the latest ETCS train protection technology according to the latest European specification, the so-called Baseline 3.4.