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Redundant hardware solutions

The DATS DMI can be used optionally as single display or as redundant double display to increase the availability.

With its compact housing shape, the DATS Terminal in the redundant double display variant is compatible with the standard 10" displays.

The DATS series are equipped with the patented IconTrust® technology as standard. IconTrust® monitors predefined areas on the TFT display, analyses the displayed image and compares the image data with the value of the initial input variable. In the event of deviations, IconTrust® triggers a safety-oriented response.

  • 8" WVGA terminals
  • ARM, 500 MHz processor
  • as redundant version in use for ETCS applications with STM/NTC
    (Specific Transmission Module)/(National Train Control)
  • with patented IconTrust® safety technology